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Is it legal for a roofer to waive or absorb my insurance deductible?

In short, NO. Colorado Senate bill 12-038 “prohibit[s] roofing contractors from paying, waiving, rebating, or promising to pay, waive, or rebate all or part of any insurance deductible applicable to an insurance claim made to the property owner’s property and casualty insurer for payment for roofing work on the residential property covered by a property and casualty insurance policy.” Simply put, waiving a deductible is classified as “statutory insurance fraud.”

Is it true that there is a time limit or “statute of limitations,” for filing a property insurance claim?

While it does vary by insurance company and policy, you do have a limited amount of time following the date of loss to file a claim for the loss; and then a limited amount of time to have the work completed to receive the full insurance payout/coverage. The clock starts ticking the moment the damage was caused. To find out how much time you have, contact your insurer directly.

Will filing an insurance claim for hail or wind damage cause my premium to go up?

Filing a claim will generally not cause your homeowner’s premium to increase. Homeowner’s insurance does not act like auto insurance, and claims do not dictate the premium with regards to homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance focuses more on the region that you live in; the number of catastrophes your area has suffered in the past few years; the potential risk in your area; the type of residential home; the amount of coverage you buy; and other factors that dictate the bulk of your premium.

How much will a quote from Storm Guard cost me?

Nothing. We provide friendly guidance and free quotes for your construction needs. Contact Us today to schedule your free no-hassle quote!

What should I do if I possibly have property damage from a wind or hail storm?

Unless you have insurance and construction experience . . . plus the time to manage your restoration process, you need to find a trusted and competent contractor with expertise in both areas. Storm Guard will provide the professionalism you need to assess your situation. If you do have damage, we will repair it with the utmost professionalism, and with minimal expense and time on your part. It’s also important to know that most insurance policies state that you must notify the company promptly of a loss – and the word “prompt” may be vague. To avoid a claim being denied, you should take steps to notify your insurance company as soon as possible and also make sure you document it when you file a claim. An email will work. Finally, the claims process involves numerous deadlines for filing documentation, such as estimates and loss lists. Make sure you understand when you must submit certain forms and information – or let Storm Guard handle these deadlines and details for you.

What insurance deductibles can I expect to pay for property damage?

Every insurance company is different, and many of them have new policy clauses that homeowners are unaware of. In many Colorado insurance policies, you may have significant deductibles for wind and hail damage and pay thousands of dollars because you have a different deductible for wind and hail damage than other types of damage. For instance, you may have a high variable deductible that is based on a percentage of your home’s value. Or, you may have an Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) clause that will limit your reimbursement for a claim. You should check your policy before you need to file a claim.

How long do I have to file an insurance claim?

Many people assume there is at least a one-year timeframe to file a claim. However, the actual filing period differs by insurance company and some are as short as 3 months. Missing a deadline can seriously complicate your ability to have a claim paid, so contact Storm Guard as soon as possible!

Does Storm Guard have a Better Business Bureau Rating (“BBB”)?

We take great pride in our affiliation with the BBB and work hard to keep our A+ Rating.  Being trusted for our integrity and workmanship is central to how we create “better business” in Colorado. You can view our BBB profile here: Storm Guard BBB

How long will my roof replacement take?

It takes 1 to 2 days to complete the average-sized home.

Can my family be in our house during the repairs?

Yes, you are welcome to be in your home during the restoration process, but it may be noisy at times.

Do you provide both residential and commercial construction services?

Yes. We have expertise with all residential and most commercial construction services. Let our experts inspect your project and we’ll give you an honest and free assessment.

Does Storm Guard offer a warranty?

Yes. We are local, but Storm Guard is also part of a national roofing and construction company with a top-rated and industry-leading Warranty on our workmanship. Every property owner also receives a Manufacturer’s Warranty on the installed materials. Most importantly, unlike many companies, we’ll be around if you ever need us.

If you experience a leak, or other problem during the warranty period, just contact your local Storm Guard and they’ll send someone out to fix the issue if it was caused by Storm Guard’s workmanship. You can file a warranty claim here: Storm Guard Warranty

What are my out-of-pocket costs if my property has past storm damage?

Your only cost is generally limited to your insurance deductible. The rest is usually covered by your insurance company.

What insurance company exclusions should I know about?

Many insurance companies provide low rates by excluding important coverages when storms create property damage. You may be required to pay a higher insurance deductible, and also not be reimbursed for required city and county code upgrades, or damage to gutters, pipe vents, glass, screens, decks and fences. These exclusions can cost you thousands of dollars, but for a few more insurance premium dollars, you can be fully covered.

Does Storm Guard help me with my insurance claim?

Yes. Navigating an insurance claim can be daunting and requires a level of expertise that most homeowners don’t have. You are entitled to ALL the benefits covered in your insurance policy and our in-house Colorado insurance experts will help you file and submit your claim, and guide you during the claims process.

How will you track your Storm Guard project?

To keep you in the loop, we provide you access to our online Project Management Portal where you can see the tasks, calendar, project plan, pictures, invoices, work orders, updates, videos, photos, messages, comments, change orders, material selections, warranty, documents and everything that we see and use to manage your project. It gives you total visibility in the progress of your project.

What does Storm Guard expect from our customers?

Initially, we ask that you respond in a timely manner to our requests for input on colors, materials and appointments at your property. Additionally, we are your neighbors and want to be YOUR family contractor for life. So, when we do a great job for you, we ask that you use us again and refer us to your friends and family. We have a business office close to your property – including South, Central and North Metro Denver – as well Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

Do you offer construction services other than roofing?

We are customer-focused and offer many additional construction trades, but if we can’t help you, we will give you a referral to someone we trust. YOU won’t have to act as the General Contractor and interview and scrutinize multiple sub-contractors.

Does my roof need to be leaking to qualify for an insurance claim?

No, in fact, the insurance company would like to repair a damaged roof before it starts leaking. They don’t want to also pay for interior damage that may occur, and frankly, you don’t want to tear your house apart either. To be clear, it takes a trained eye to recognize past storm damage, but we’ll do a no-cost inspection to assess any damage and avoid future problems. Call Storm Guard today for your free inspection

Are you a Preferred Contractor with insurance companies?

Yes. We are Preferred Contractors for 6 major insurance companies, but we work with ALL insurance companies.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. For property upgrades or insurance work that may not be covered, we offer financing. For instance, if your insurance company is going to replace your roof with asphalt shingles but you want to have upgraded tile, we have several financing programs for you – including a 0% loan for 2 years.  You can also affordably upgrade or add, windows, siding, a deck, gutters, etc.

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